Mighty Mule FM500 Automatic Gate Opener


Some do-it-yourself projects can be a hassle, especially when you are trying to install a swing gate for gates that extremely heavy.  Even with the instruction manual in hand, installing it is rather difficult but finding a product that is capable of functioning and operating these types of gates is even more challenging.


While most people use these devices for security purposes, some people have other uses for them, such as home decoration.  Even if it does not necessarily work the way that it should, a lot of people will think twice about vandalizing your property or attempting to break in.  There are just so many different automatic gate openers that currently available for the home that it can be very hard and time-consuming to narrow the list down to one specific product.  Many consumers have decided to invest in the Mighty Mule FM500 Automatic Gate Opener primarily because of its key features and capabilities.

Product Features


This particular product was designed to be versatile and flexible, proving to be very effective when used on several different types of swing gates.  Many consumers have praised it as being the best product of its kind.

Comes with a wide variety of built-in safety features that make this device even more reliable and dependable for interested consumers.

Fully equipped with an AC transformer.

Specifically developed for gates that open away from or into a property




Product is available with over 150 daily cycles

This product can be installed easily within a short period of time

Extremely easy to configure based on the personal preferences of the owner

Programmed with specific settings to conserve battery life, which allows customers to save money on battery replacements and prevents these products from burning out too quickly.

It comes with soft start and stop functions, which is a popular feature with many consumers.




Past owners have complained that it declines in quality and efficiency after the first few years.



The Bottom Line


The Mighty Mule FM500 has quite a few features and benefits.  It is important that you check to make sure that this device is compatible.  Check to make sure that you have installed the device properly before attempting to use it for the first time, because any type of improper or incomplete installation may cause it to malfunction which may result in even more problems in the near future.  There are so many different automatic gate openers to choose from today.  It really just depends on the preference of the customer and the size and type of gate that they will need to have opened.


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